Top 10 principles of personal effectiveness

personal effectiveness

Improving personal effectiveness, many people face a misunderstanding: it happens that one day everything works out in the best way, and another day everything goes awry. Personal effectiveness is based on the human ability to achieve their own goals in the shortest possible time, while spending the minimum amount of energy.

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Flexible working hours for office and remote employees

free schedule remotely

Remote work during the pandemic has reached a new level. If earlier a lot of companies didn't even consider a flextime, today there are practically no such companies left. Managers and office employees appreciated the flexible work schedule, which gives a sense of freedom. Specialists understand that they aren't tied to one place and don't have to sit in the office all day. You can perform your duties while sitting in a cafe, in your personal home office, or even being in another city or country. This inspires and frees you from control, thereby contributing to increased productivity. The same effect is observed when office employees are introduced to flexible scheduling.

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Mobile time tracking app Checkiant

work time tracking on the mobile app

Today, more than half of all enterprises that have office employees use programs for working time accounting. There are several good reasons for this: the possibility of increasing employees' productivity, a real and accurate assessment of the workload of the team, improving the financial performance of the company. To easily monitor employees, you can keep tracking of working hours via your phone or tablet. This is quite convenient, and most importantly, it's available at any time, because the mobile phone is always with its owner.

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Checkiant time tracker is an all-in-one solution to many tasks when tracking work time

working time accounting

According to statistics, 70% of office workers are productive only 2 hours 30 minutes a day. The rest of the time is spent on social media, lunch break, afternoon coffee and smoke breaks, chatting with colleagues and discussing future plans. There is a regime in the office  and the team is supervised by a senior manager or supervisor. Needless to say about freelancers who find it very difficult to focus and concentrate on a task while minimizing distractions. Correct recording of working hours and analysis of results can help to cope with this task. Many applications have been created for this. 

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Working from home and family: how to find balance?

Working from home and family

Work and family are two of the most important areas in every person's life. If everything is good in the professional field, then the relatives are well off and do not need anything. And, on the contrary, when the family gets on, everything goes smoothly at work, because there is motivation, positive energy inside to reach new heights. It is very important that these 2 directions "live" in harmony with each other. And if it's work from home, how can you achieve Zen in both directions? If you approach this issue correctly, everything will work out.

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