Monitoring office and remote employees: how to increase work efficiency and improve self-discipline

monitoring of work at the computer

Employee monitoring is the best measure for optimizing the workflow, increasing the motivation of subordinates and improving work efficiency.

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Top 8 programs for control the online store employees' work

control of online store employees work

Accounting of working hours of employees of the online store allows managers to analyze the actions of their subordinates working in the online store and quickly determine who don't bring the necessary profit or even harm the company. Such processes are necessary to optimize the work, promote the online store, attract more customers and increase profits. Therefore, online store employees time tracking is a convenient, simple and effective solution to the issue of organizing the workflow of remote subordinates, which has a number of important advantages.

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How to manage creative teams: Top 10 main principles

Managing a creative team

According to the consulting firm Bersin and Associates, companies that know how to attract and manage talented people earn 26% more profit than their competitors. Any intelligent business and technology company depends on creative people, on their special skills, knowledge and ideas. Of course, managing a team of creative individuals requires a specific approach of the manager, which consists of different nuances and rules. But if you choose the "key" to this format of the team, you can be sure that the business profit will increase significantly.

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Top 10 ideas for office organization and effective team management

It's proved that the working atmosphere affects the work efficiency and the mood of employees. In creating a positive attitude among employees to their duties performing, the correct office work organization plays an important role, which lies entirely on the shoulders of the boss, as well as his deputies.

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Methods for employee control – how to control and motivate at the same time?

the employee control

Not all employees can tolerate strict and constant supervision by their chief. Many people find this depressing and frightening, which negatively affects their productivity. To avoid this, it is necessary to encourage the team.

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