IT outsourcing or how to find the right developer?

Information Technology Outsourcing is a subcontracting type of IT infrastructure support and external IT support of an organization. In simple terms, IT outsourcing is the process of acquiring information services by one company from another.

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What to do when you have identified an unproductive employee?

types of unproductive employees

The productivity of work should be estimated as the effective results from the use of working time, based on the employee's job description. The result of productivity is the number of worked hours, sold goods, implemented project, etc.

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HR management technologies in 2021

Trends in the HR world change every year. It's recommended to monitor them for everyone who is somehow connected with the business sphere and must manage the working team. Modern technologies help HR specialists (that are recruiters, managers, business coaches, and payroll specialists) to create strong and upstanding teams that are always ready for change. In order for HR management to be effective and the company to keep up with the times, you should learn about the key trends of 2021 that affect the business right now.

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Monitoring office and remote employees: how to increase work efficiency and improve self-discipline

monitoring of work at the computer

Employee monitoring is the best measure for optimizing the workflow, increasing the motivation of subordinates and improving work efficiency.

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Top 8 programs for control the online store employees' work

control of online store employees work

Accounting of working hours of employees of the online store allows managers to analyze the actions of their subordinates working in the online store and quickly determine who don't bring the necessary profit or even harm the company. Such processes are necessary to optimize the work, promote the online store, attract more customers and increase profits. Therefore, online store employees time tracking is a convenient, simple and effective solution to the issue of organizing the workflow of remote subordinates, which has a number of important advantages.

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