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How to easily and effectively organize your workflow at home

to organize the workflow at house

To work as a freelancer at home is extremely convenient, because you choose your own schedule and plan your day. But there are very common errors of time and workspace organization. Because of this, work efficiency is reduced and time that could be spent for private life is lost. If your daily schedule becomes chaotic and working at home on the computer takes extra effort, use a few tips to improve the efficiency of the work process.


1. Create your own schedule

1. Clean the workspace

2. Set boundaries between work and personal life

3. Rest is as important as work

4. Create a background for your work

5. Prepare for everything in advance

6. Change of scenery

7. Use a time tracker

Create your own schedule

To organize easily work at home determine how much time you need for an uninterrupted workflow and for rest. There are much more distractions at home comparing to office, so working on the Internet at home requires more of willpower. To do this, work as hard as possible for a few days to feel when you will need a break. It is normal to take a short break once an hour, for example, to make tea, stretch your back, have a snack, or just take a break from mental activity. Write a schedule on the wall or set alarm clocks to control the time.

Clean the workspace

A person who works at home sometimes does not notice how many needless items are in the work area. If the computer is installed on a table, work papers, office supplies, dishes, etc. accumulate around it. To avoid this, make a separate schedule for cleaning. This can be a few minutes at the end of each working day or an hour at the end of the week. For convenience, you can put a trash can within the table, as well as purchase an organizer for sorting small items. It's not superfluous to keep wet wipes nearby and periodically wipe the work surface from.

Set boundaries between work and personal life

Often freelancers have a question about how to work effectively at home, when households do not understand the importance of the process. For many people around you, it may seems that if a person works on the Internet at home, then he can pay attention to all, do cleaning or cook a dinner. In such cases, you need to explain to your family that you are busy with your work, regardless you work at home or in the office. Try to set a time frame for your households in what they don't have to disturb you. It makes easier for you to plan your day, because you will know approximately when you will finish the work.

Rest is as important as work

You can organize yourself by working at home using the principle of school classes. For a reason, the lesson takes an average of 45 minutes, and the rest is 10-15. The fact is that because of prolonged mental activity, attention ceases to focus on important things, and memory is filled with a lot of information that begins to get confused. Try different methods of rest: a snack, look out the window, do eye exercises. Pay special attention to the last point, because when working with a computer a lot, the visual apparatus gets tired.

Create a background for your work

Usually people don't get on schedule because of factors that distract them: open tabs, social networks, household chores. Make a habit of sticking to your schedule and do not use your phone during workflow – you will have a break for this. To facilitate the assignment tou need to make convenient work area, free the table of unnecessary objects. Remember: the better you focus on your work, the faster you will complete the task and will be free.

Prepare for everything in advance

If possible, make a plan for tomorrow in the evening. Get a notebook where you will note the working moments and keep a list of things you need to do in your free time. This item also includes morning routine such as a contrasting shower, a cup of coffee and fresh clothes. This way there will be no "gaps" in your head that you didn't make, and you can fully devote yourself to the work.

Change of scenery

Working at home on a computer seems good only to a certain moment. One day you will realize that the situation is too boring and you want to change it. This is a great solution, because this way you will make a "reboot" without distracting from work. An alternative to work at house can be a cozy coffee shop, park or library. Many cafes are now equipped with sockets, and there is always an opportunity to eat.

Use a time tracker

This method is suitable for a person of any position and type of activity. The Checkiant time tracker considers all working aspects: it helps to organize your work, records the amount of spent time and earned money and provides automatically weekly and monthly reports. This simple and convenient time tracker will be a valuable assistant, because it is impossible to keep such a large amount of information in your head. And you don't have to carry additional gadgets and notepads, because everything you need is online. Try it once and forget about the problem of organizing your workflow forever.


Thus, working at home has its advantages and cons. This method of employment will become productive and really convenient, if you will organize the work process very thoroughly, make a specific schedule and follow the recommendations that we described above.



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