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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Top 14 webmaster programs

Programming and IT are very popular now. To be a programmer or an expert in the field of computer technology is very prestigious and promising. Even those who have been engaged in other activities all their life can become a web developer. The main thing is to find a direction that you are interested in studying, download good webmaster programs and use them correctly.


1. Where to write the code

2. Design

3. Sites promoting

4. Programs for time management

Where to write the code

Today, even experienced developers use simple text editors, while newcomers want to install as intricated soft as possible, so that the IDE itself writes everything you need, and the person does not have to make unnecessary movements. Consider both types of editors.


A free text editor that is very simple and easy to use. You need to create a file with program code, write a note, a to-do list, or a shopping list - these are basic tasks that Notepad++can handle. Working in the MS Windows environment, we can say that it is an improved version of the standard "Notepad", because Notepad++ supports multiple languages and you can use it to write more than just websites.


New smart IDE for creating scripts. Its advantages:

  • immediately after downloading, you don't need to configure anything - the environment already has built-in support for languages, popular frameworks, libraries, and a set of all the necessary tools;
  • on-the-fly error correction, suggestions, AutoFill, and a selection of the most relevant methods;
  • quick navigation through the code and all files;
  • debugger and integration with the version control system;
  • flexible settings for the interface, code style, interface theme, and installation of additional plugins.


PhpStorm is an IDE with a wide range of functions. It includes all Webstorm's features and complements them with compatibility of all file types. Specializes in working with PHP code, databases, and a full set of state-of-the-art technologies: HTML 5, CSS, Sass, Less, Stylus, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Emmet, and JavaScript. This is a professional tool, using PhpStorm you can create a great large-scale project. There is a free version for 30 days.


The nice program for webmasters if you need to work on a local server. Simple and does not require deep knowledge in server configuration. After installing it on a computer running Windows, you will get:

  • powerful Apache server and all the necessary settings for it;
  • set of PHP modules (10 versions);
  • 6 popular database management systems (+ each DBMS has several versions);
  • programs for working with databases;
  • program for remote access to files on external FTP servers FileZilla;
  • simple text editor Sublime and other services that can be useful in the development process.


Of course, to develop a whole site or app, you need a competent designer who can choose beautiful colors, icons in the same style, draw a logo and create a user-friendly interface. But often, even programmers need to have a few good services to quickly make some simple design.

Adobe Photoshop

This universal program is an indispensable tool not only for designers, but also for web developers. After all, you often need to edit something or work with a ready-made layout-viewing fonts, colors, extracting images and text. If you work with the visual part of the site, you need Photoshop.

Google Fonts

A huge library of free fonts for every taste. It's quite easy to connect them and you can choose the font that best suits the design of Your site. 


On this service, you can download many different icons for free. A huge catalog of social network icons, arrows, theme icons - the image will be found for every taste and design. There is a download option in svg format, which means that the icon color can be changed.


Its essence is that a screen with a palette of colors opens in front of You. If You need to choose a beautiful color at your own discretion - just move the mouse in the browser window and click on the screen when you find a suitable shade. A block with the name of this color will appear at the left side.

Eye Dropper

The same application for selecting colors, but it works in a different way. This Google Chrome extension allows you to determine the color of any element that is displayed on the page. It's convenient to use when you need to strictly adhere to the site style and everywhere should be in the same shade.

Sites promoting

Professional site promotion should be handled by an SEO specialist who will provide a list of necessary settings and changes. To check whether everything works correctly, even a webmaster needs to install several simple applications.

Meta SEO inspector

An extension for the Google Chrome browser in the area of SEO. When a web developer publishes data for promotion on a site page, it's important for them to check how well they display and work. The app analyzes each page, shows the values of the main meta data, key words, images, forms, tags, descriptions, and much more.

PageSpeed Insights from Google 

A convenient service for analyzing the download speed of each page of the site. Just enter the desired address in the special field and the system will generate a report of the site loading speed on your computer and mobile device. You will be able to see the downloading problems and even a few tips how to improve it.

 Programs for time management

In the working process, the developer will need a lot of services not only for codding, but also for other purposes. Try out these free productivity programs.


Checkiant is a simple time tracker designed for self-discipline and productivity increasing. Start the timer when you are working and mark each task you have spent time on. At the end of the day, week, or month, create a report and you could see the dynamics of your work. Analyze what You spend the most time on during the day and what brings You the most revenue. Main functions:

  • the preservation the history of rates;
  • syncing active browser tabs;
  • the subordinates system for managers of teams;
  • interval page;
  • flexible reports;
  • Google Chrome browser extension;
  • sexy design.

During the quarantine period, the authors offer free use for 30 days.


A tool for recording video from a computer screen. When to use it? In cases when you need to explain something to another team member or record a video instruction to the client. You can share video recordings instead of holding rallies - the productivity is the same, but it takes less time. Also, if You don't understand something, you can always review your colleague's video instead of writing or calling them again.

There is a free extension for Google Chrome. All videos are saved in Your account.


The program for increasing of the concentration. Focus on work tasks, studying, or spending time with your family. How it works: start the timer and work without being distracted by social networks, news feeds, games on your phone and messages. At this time, a tree is growing on Your virtual site. If you suddenly go to another program, it dries up. This service is interesting because you want to grow a tree as big as possible and there is no temptation to be distracted. After a few minutes, You are already involved in the work and your productivity increases significantly.

You can download the app to your smartphone or install a browser plugin.

P.S.: This list of programs for webmaster is not just the names of popular programs. These are the services used by the developers of the simple time tracker Checkiant. We recommend really good software that will help You to work more competently and productively. And if You are just starting out as a programmer, they will make it much easier for you to configure your workflow.

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