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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Top 13 programs for content manager

Content manager's programs are necessary for a specialist who manages the creation and placement of posts on a site or on a page in a social network. After all, he makes publication plans, searches for suitable content, edits materials and monitors the development of the site or account.


1. Organization of workflow

2. Basic content manager's tools

3. Visual content

Organization of workflow

A well-organized workflow is the half the success. If you constantly make to-do lists to plan each day and week, many of the tasks could be easily accomplished.


The content manager must plan at least twice: his schedule for the day and the customer's publication plan. Therefore, it's very important to start planning correctly. So you neeed to use a convenient and flexible system. Trello boards are, in our opinion, the best choice. You can create a separate Board for yourself and each client. Divide it into columns, for example, "Need to do”," in progress”, “Deferred”, "Ready". Create cards in the plan column, describe tasks, posts, add comments, deadlines, media files, and other participants if necessary, and then simply move the finished cards to the appropriate column. No need to duplicate the tex that saves time for more important things.


The simple time tracker Checkiant may not seems like a mandatory tool at first glance, but after one day of working with the time tracker, you will change your mind radically. Why? Checkiant helps you to organize your workflow in the most efficient way and set you up for productive work. Now there will be no “lost time”, because you will always keep tracking: start the timer every time you solve a new task for work.

If you are a freelancer, you can track the entire day, including rest and training times. The service can create the most informative report so that You can analyze your working day, week, month, or quarter. It's also convenient to create detailed reports when working with clients directly.

Google Meet

A remote employee must communicate with colleagues, copywriters, and clients every day, so they need to choose the best app for video communication. Google is one of the most popular systems with many services, including Google Meet. If you have a Google account, you can create meetings, invite your colleagues there, make conferences with a large number of participants, and even record video calls.

Basic content manager's tools

The content manager determines the subject of publications, searches the necessary keywords, and analyzes the finished texts for compliance with the content task. To do this, there are a lot of programs for the content manager, listed below are some of those that are used in the marketing department of our company:

Advego Plagiatus

This program uses three algorithms to check the uniqueness of the text, which will provide the most accurate result:

  • Shingle algorithm - search the Internet and check whole phrases, verbatim;
  • Lexical match algorithm-checking a set of terms, significant words, and searching for pages with similar topics;
  • The algorithm pseudolocalization - check for additional characters and search for traces of text editing with the help of special applications to improve uniqueness.

Google Keyword Planner

A tool for searching for similar queries for multiple keywords. There are detailed statistics for each query: the number, popularity over the past year, and the amount of money spent on advertising for this query.

A selection of keywords not only for Google, but also for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Play Store, Bing, Amazon and eBay. For each site, the service describes how it works and gives instructions on how to use it best.


A platform that includes 5 main tools for SEO optimization. It's perfect for work of the site promotion specialist. For a content manager, the most valuable feature is the selection of keywords and phrases. You just need to enter a query and the program will offer all the related queries found, their frequency and level of competition.

Content Downloader

A universal parser that can pull the following site content:

  • products from online stores are parsed immediately to a table with custom fields;
  • texts and articles, photos and images;
  • phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other contact information;
  • hidden information that appears on the site only after clicking special buttons and data that is available only after authorization;
  • parts of the web page code and the XML site map.

In addition, the program can process huge data streams simultaneously, save the received data in different formats, and has many different setting.


A great editor that allows you to remove unnecessary text formatting and leave only what you need. You can add tags, lists, and formulas - as the text looks in the editor field, the same it will look on your site.

Visual content

A mandatory part of any post or article is an interesting picture and video. You can download them from official photo banks or create them yourself.


Vector images, photos of various subjects, projects for working in Photoshop - all this can be found on the Freepik service. We are sure that you will find here an image for a post on any topic. You can download files and work with them, or you can just save your favorite images to your Pinterest Board.


If you need images for the site about relationships, professions, recreation - you can find similar ones here. Photostock with beautiful portrait photos, backgrounds, transparent elements and photos for collages. There is a very detailed filter for searching images of people: hair color, age, type of activity, and so on.


The site is filled with images of food. More than 1500 free photos of desserts, pizza, meat, coffee and other dishes. The cooking process, images for banners, images for the menu - everything is very beautiful and delicious.


A simple application for creating layouts of any complexity and for any purpose. Logos, banners, advertising flyers, presentations, reports and images for social networks - a huge selection of templates and elements. You can change colors, upload your own images, and choose a theme for the image. The paid version has even more icons, styles, backgrounds and themes.


Online editor for creating images, videos, and animations. Templates for every taste and color are available, specially designed for the most popular social networks. The service offers templates for:

  • animated graphics;
  • design of YouTube channels and videos;
  • Facebook posts;
  • content for Instagram;
  • design of blogs, emails, and other pages.

You can easily create animations without having any special skills. There is also access to high-quality materials from the Depositphotos.irritated photostock

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