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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Top 8 programs for control the online store employees' work

Accounting of working hours of employees of the online store allows managers to analyze the actions of their subordinates working in the online store and quickly determine who don't bring the necessary profit or even harm the company. Such processes are necessary to optimize the work, promote the online store, attract more customers and increase profits. Therefore, online store employees time tracking is a convenient, simple and effective solution to the issue of organizing the workflow of remote subordinates, which has a number of important advantages.

Among them are:

  • reducing the human factor to the possible minimum;
  • ease to use;
  • ability to monitor the development and promotion of the online store;
  • clarity of employee's work assessment;
  • prompt identification and elimination of inefficient processes in the work of a particular employee.

Let's look at the TOP 8 programs for improving the efficiency of an online store.

№1. Bitcop

Bitcop is a powerful system for recording and controlling the time that an employee spends in the workplace. In parallel, all the actions of each of the members of the working team are analyzed, including while working at the computer to prevent threats to information security.

With the help of the Bitcop program, monitoring the work of employees of the online store will be very effective, as it offers a full set of important functions. The free version contains the following features:

  • work tracking on a single PC;
  • statistics and reports on the work of employees with applications;
  • assessment of the work of subordinates, based on the difference between productive work and non-fulfillment of professional tasks;
  • tracking the work on open tags in the browser and entered queries in the search engine;
  • sending screenshots to the manager;
  • prompt notifications to superiors about employee errors during work;
  • switching to personal time — during the legal break, the employee can switch to personal mode and make personal issues on the computer without monitoring his actions;
  • reports in Excel and PDF formats for printing.

The free version offers almost complete functionality. Although, the user can expand them by paying for more options for:

  • increasing the number of monitored computers;
  • save and examine the used keyboard shortcuts in order to detect threats to information security.

The program differs from its analogues in that it can track even calls, if they are made via internal IP telephony. There is also an analysis of the hours that employees spend in messengers or on online conference sites.

№ 2. Checkiant

The Checkiant time tracker is universal and suitable for all types of businesses, including working remotely. With its help, managers will be able to keep track of the time and earnings of employees. You can run it on your computer or use the mobile app. The simple Checkiant time tracker is available in three versions:

  • Individual – create reports, manage time and manage projects.
  • Premium – you can set the hourly rate of subordinates, control the working time of subordinates, as well as edit their checks, create reports on finances and time.
  • Enterprise – all premium options are available, plus there is a function for viewing the registered employees, managing clients and user groups.

The program allows you to keep track of the results. A remote store employee performs a lot of different tasks every day: gaining a customer base, monitoring order statuses, receiving calls, forming product groups to send, updating and analyzing the product catalog, as well as tracking user activity and purchase activity. During all this activities, the worker can lost count of the hours. In this mode, it can underperform or, conversely, overwork. The Checkiant app will allow his boss to be aware of all types of activities  during the day.

№3. ActivTrak

The key objectives of the ActivTrak program are to track the working hours of remote employees during their computer activities, as well as to perform productivity analytics for each employee who manages an online store, with timely blocking of emerging threats. To ensure the latter task, the program has developed such functions as a keylogger, that is saving keyboard shortcuts to identify information hazards, as well as the option to block access to prohibited web resources.

The program for monitoring the personnel of the online store ActivTrak in the free version is equipped with a number of functions:

  • monitoring of 3 computers;
  • 3 GB of memory on a cloud storage for storing information that is extracted during the tracking process;
  • final reports;
  • screenshots of employee's monitors;
  • evaluation of the productivity of the online store manager.

Additionally, you can buy an option to remove restrictions on the amount of memory in the cloud storage and on the number of computers used.

№4. Screenshot monitor

The main purpose of the Screenshot monitor program, which is not difficult to guess from the name, is to create and save screenshots of the computer of the manager responsible for the work, promotion and success of the online shop. These photos are analyzed and reports with the results are sent directly to the owner of the store for further analysis. The system is filled with basic options. Here, the control of the employees of the online shop implies visual tracking of their work activities.

There is a free version and an additional package of options for a fee. In the free set, you can perform up to 3 screenshots in 60 minutes. In the paid version, the number of screenshots will depend on the purchased tariff.

The entire set of features in the Free version is:

  • automatic shooting of the PC screen three times per hour;
  • tracking three computers at the same time;
  • storing images for the next three days to have time to analyze them;
  • monitoring and reporting on the employment of the online store staff.

Additionally, you can buy the option to analyze the level of user activity, visited sites and working applications, as well as the ability to create up to 30 images per hour and store them for 12 months.

№5. Yaware.TimeTracker

The Yaware.TimeTracker is suitable for large companies and individual managers who work remote employees. With its help, the efficiency of employees increases by 30%, and along with this, the profit of the business increases. It's also a convenient and useful program for an online store staff time tracking with many advantages, including:

  • absolute data protection;
  • individual settings for each worker;
  • no need for an internet connection;
  • technical support is free for the first 12 months of using;
  • quick setup — only 15-20 minutes of personal time;
  • integration with systems such as Asana, RedMine, JIRA, Bitrix24 and Trello.

The functions of the program include:

  • tracking the number of hours that a store employee uses for their intended purpose;
  • accounting for hours spent on personal needs;
  • report on the beginning of the working day and its end by time;
  • control of the employee's activity in hidden and open modes.

Also in the set of options there is a tracking of lateness, tracking of resources, accounting of productivity and time outside the computer. The program provides statistical, systematized data on the work of remote subordinates who manage retail outlets online.

№6. Crocotime

The Crocotime service is suitable for medium and large businesses. This is one of the best solutions if the organization employs an employee of an online store remotely. By choosing this program, the company owner gets the following features:

  • track the store manager's computer on the network;
  • analyze the workload of employees, if there are several of them;
  • record violations of working regulations;
  • avoid information threats;
  • get a comprehensive picture of the employee's working day by integrating with applications such as calendar, POS-terminals or turnstiles, IP-telephony;
  • analyze workplace processes by calculating the number of useful hours and wasted time.

Among the advantages of the program, it is worth noting the availability of a free trial version, automatic updates, availability of local and cloud versions, analytics and consulting services, integration with other systems, flexibility in settings for a specific company and a team of employees.

№7. Kickidler

The Kickidler program is a real-time tracking of the work activity of a remote subordinate. All actions are broadcast over the network and the system analyzes them, sending reports on detected violations.

In the free version, you can get the option to track up to 6 PCs and a keylogger, and you can also purchase several more features, including:

  • creating videos of users' work;
  • generating detailed reports;
  • detection and analysis of suspicious traffic;
  • the ability to intercept the control of the PC.

Through the Kickidler system the manager of the online store is under the full control of the boss.

№8. Hubstaff

The direct purpose of the Hubstaff program is to track the working hours of remote employees groups. It differs from many other trackers by the possibility to set payment for the performance of work duties in automatic mode. The program also allows you to find out where an employee is located in an online store remotely via GPS tracking.

There is a free version with options for monitoring on 1 PC, creating reports in different formats and screenshots and a paid version with the following features available:

  • increasing the number of monitored computers;
  • more reporting forms;
  • the online store staff working hours tracking;
  • project work;
  • payroll calculation;
  • online monitoring with full computer screen capture.

The program has a well-thought-out geographical tracker to always be aware of whether the manager is at the workplace at any time.

Errors in online store management

Many online store owners don't control their subordinates. And in order for the store's employees to increase profits and constantly attract new customers to the store, they must give detailed instructions and implement an effective time tracking system.

It's also important for the manager to plan income and expenses, regularly check reports on the work done, monitor the movement of money, calculations for the month, statistics on attracting new customers, as well as business security. Often such moments are overlooked, that negatively affects the business.

Now you know how to control remote employees of an online store and what is important to consider when managing internet shops.

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