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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Checkiant time tracker is an all-in-one solution to many tasks when tracking work time

According to statistics, 70% of office workers are productive only 2 hours 30 minutes a day. The rest of the time is spent on social media, lunch break, afternoon coffee and smoke breaks, chatting with colleagues and discussing future plans. There is a regime in the office  and the team is supervised by a senior manager or supervisor. Needless to say about freelancers who find it very difficult to focus and concentrate on a task while minimizing distractions. Correct recording of working hours and analysis of results can help to cope with this task. Many applications have been created for this. 


1. Checkiant time tracker for tracking the time of office and remote workers

2. Accounting for overtime work

3. Accounting for work on weekends

4. Accounting for night working hours

5. Accounting of time for shift work

6. Checkiant time tracker for accounting of earned money and payroll

7. Advantages of the Checkiant time tracker

8. Conclusions

Checkiant time tracker is one of the most effective and the most functional applications that are easy to manage. Time tracker solves such tasks:

  • accounting of the working time of office and remote workers;
  • accounting of earned money and payroll;
  • overtime work tracking;
  • accounting of work on weekends;
  • accounting of night time work;
  • accounting of working hours during shift work.

Let's try to answer the question whether one application is enough for all the listed tasks.

Checkiant time tracker for tracking the time of office and remote workers

According to the law, every employer can and should monitor the performance of his full-time and non-staff employees. Tracking can be carried out on a standard form —  a form in which all data received for the day, week and month are rated in hours. Or, to save physical and time resources, bosses and managers use special time tracking applications. To monitor the team, track work time, payroll, analyze work productivity and other issues that an employee encounters during the project implementations, the Checkiant time tracker is one of the best programs in its category.

The conditions for accounting the time spent by personnel are specified in the employment contract. Due to the schedule of the working week of the remote worker, the manager can make the following types of timesheets for him:

  1. The general type is when a distance worker makes his work schedule by himself, indicating the number of hours for rest and work.
  2. Individual type — the calculation of time for rest and work is set by the employer.

In the first case, the report card will summarize the number of working hours up to 8 — this is the maximum per day. In the second type of timesheet, the actual number of hours is indicated, which is fixed in the employment contract. It is stricted to exceed these indicators.

Everything is simple about the system for tracking the time spent by employees in the office. Being absent — a reprimand or a fine. Absenteeism again – a dismissal.

However, this will not work with remote employees, because absenteeism is considered as the time during which the employee was not at the workplace and which is personally supervised by a superior person. Then what to do if the poor performer decided to evade his functional duties and this is recorded by the program that keeps account of the work hours of employees working at home? The boss can fire him due to repeated failure to fulfill his direct duties.

Checkiant time tracker for overtime tracking

Overtime work is the time that an employee spent on performing professional duties in excess of the hours that were prescribed in the employment contract and established by law. Applications for tracking the work of a team at a remote location or in the office will help to calculate the working period even if there were overtime.

If overtime is justified and permitted by law, overtime work is recorded when the hours have been worked in excess of:

  • standard working hours — 6 or 5-day working week;
  • norms of the working period for the accounting period — work in the mode of summarized accounting of working hours.

Overtime out of the predetermined period for each employee  —office or remote — is paid additionally through accounting for the time spent on work and the summarized calculation of wages.

Accounting of work on weekends

Most frequently, the installation of a program to track working hours is an employee's initiative.

The law states that a five-day work schedule allows each employee to rest two days a week, and according to a six-day schedule, he has the right to receive one full day off. If during the time provided by the legislation for rest, a specialist has to fulfill his labor duties, then we can talk about overtime work. The employee is obliged to receive a supplement to his wages for this.

With the help of a time tracker, it is possible to track working hours on weekends and holidays. This is direct evidence that the employee needs to be paid wages for additional hours worked.

Accounting of night work

If we are talking about evening extra hours of work, then this period of time is considered from 18:00 to 22:00. Night overtime work  — from 22:00 to 06:00. Evening delays in the office or when working remotely at the computer are acceptable, but ten o'clock in the evening is the maximum working time for daytime employees.

Evening hours surcharges are not applicable in the following cases:

  • this is not a multi-shift regime — there is a corresponding schedule, which indicates that the employee must work at night or in the evening;
  • this is a multi-shift regime, but it is not included in the standard labor agreement, that is why additional payments are not provided for by law.

In all other cases, if the employee performed his duties during the night, he should be compensated for his labor costs. This is where night time tracking comes in handy with the Checkiant time tracker, which will be key evidence of employee actions.

If the employee worked not only at night, but also on a holiday, the payment is not doubled. The explanation is simple: work on holidays is already paid double the amount, while night work is regulated by law. And these are two different articles that provide completely different guarantees and rights to office and remote employees.

Accounting of working hours during shift work

If a shift schedule is established for some employees in the company, then this moment is prescribed in the contract. The mode of work is determined by it. The beginning and end of the shift is established based on the internal labor regulations of the organization.

In order to know that the subordinate is working due to the required shifts and hours, and for the employee to be 100% sure that his work will be paid, special programs are introduced into the work. They are necessary to conduct analytics and time tracking during shift work.

Now, in more detail about the calculation of wages for this category of employees. The total accounting of the working hours of the workers on duty is usually determined by the time wage system.

It is possible to determine who worked overtime on holidays or weekends at the end of the accounting period by analyzing the lists showing the workers who took or agreed to the manager's request to take additional time to complete urgent projects.

Overtime is charged at double rate. In order for everything to be taken into account, recorded in reporting papers and paid, you can use a program that will do everything instead of you.

Checkiant time tracker for earned money and payroll

Keeping records of working hours and wages are the responsibilities that management must fulfill in relation to its employees, both remote and office workers. In order to cope with the task quickly and easily, the Checkiant application will help, the main functions of which include the following:

  • monitoring the work of employees (management keeps track of who is currently working and who is not), accounting of the total time of the employee / team's work per day, week, month, etc;
  • accounting of work on weekends and holidays, at night;
  • payroll accounting;                         
  • tracking team statistics;
  • eation of flexible reporting with full-fledged schedules for a working week or month;
  • management of hourly rates.

With the help of the program, it is possible to calculate at what hours and days the employee was absent from the workplace or did not work on the project, if we are talking about remote workers. It becomes possible to calculate the amount of payments to employees based on this.

Checkiant time tracker benefits

More and more organizations are using trackers to account the working hours and rest of their employees, their attendance and productivity. In addition to the ability to throw off this burden, since all calculations and analysis are carried out by the program, the managers appreciated other advantages of such a solution, and these are:

  • discipline of the team improves;
  • motivation of employees increases;
  • all work processes are always under control;
  • the program provides everything in numbers and facts;
  • with the help of the control of hired and remote employees, it is possible to save the company's money;
  • you can correctly prioritize projects;
  • tracking specialists from wherever there is an internet connection;
  • the ability to keep track of time from different devices - computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone;
  • increasing employee confidence that wages will be paid on time and in the correct amount.

To find the most suitable tracker for you, you can install some of the best apps for a trial period. More often, after such an experiment, managers stop at the Checkian app.


One application includes functions for productive and efficient work of a remote team of specialists and an office team. The tools and functions of the program allow you to properly organize work, increase academic performance, minimize absenteeism and evasion from work obligations, and improve the work culture in the company.

Application will help you to keep a record of wages and work of staff in the office and remote employees, as well as overtime and work with the summarized accounting of working hours.

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