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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Mobile time tracking app Checkiant

Today, more than half of all enterprises that have office employees use programs for working time accounting. There are several good reasons for this: the possibility of increasing employees' productivity, a real and accurate assessment of the workload of the team, improving the financial performance of the company. To easily monitor employees, you can keep tracking of working hours via your phone or tablet. This is quite convenient, and most importantly, it's available at any time, because the mobile phone is always with its owner.

From the huge variety of applications for time and earnings tracking, we can single out a simple time tracker Checkiant, which has many advantages. Let's get acquainted with this app in more detail.


1. Time and money tracking via the Checkiant mobile app

2. Advantages of a mobile time tracking app

3. Access level for the manager — effective team management via mobile Checkiant

4. Reports on the mobile version

5. Modes and features of the smartphone app

6. Conclusions

Time and money tracking via the Checkiant mobile app

This program is perfect for the needs of freelancers and managers of large teams. With its help, you can increase your personal or employees' productivity. The motivation increases not only because of the rest and working time control – the calculation of wages increases the desire to work much more. When a person sees how much money he has earned for each individual project or working day, the desire to work more and be less distracted by secondary matters increases significantly.

Salary monitoring also helps to set the right schedule of the day. These two functions complement each other.

Mobile time tracking allows to track paid and unpaid time, sum up wages, find solutions to improve performance and, accordingly, pay for it.

If the rate is setted in the application, the employee will see his salary for the day, week, month. This is convenient feature that increases his motivation.

Advantages of a mobile time tracking app

The Checkiant app is universal. It is suitable for large and small businesses, for remote and office employees. We are talking about a mobile application, so we take into account more remote employees and freelancers who work for themselves.

Mobile time tracking is not only an opportunity to control your colleagues and employees, but also yourself. Therefore, freelancers also need this application. It helps them to cultivate perseverance, improve discipline, organize the most effective work schedule, increase productivity, eliminate distractions, correctly allocate hours for work and family or personal affairs, hobbies.

The program has a lot of features, but one of its key functions is that you can keep track of working hours from a tablet or smartphone. This option has many advantages and provides a lot of opportunities for its owners, namely:

  • monitor the total time of the working day, determining the beginning of the working day and its end;
  • monitoring the project execution process – rather convenient for managers to identify whether their remote employee is working or is engaged in personal affairs;
  • keep an automatic tracking of work and rest time, which allows you to understand how much time is spent on secondary matters.

This often happens when an employee, especially a freelancer, doesn't notice that he is distracted by social networks many times a day, checks e-mail, calls friends and hangs out in his fantasies. The app will put things in its place.

The system allows you to synchronize work simultaneously on a smartphone, desktop and tablet, which increases the level of comfort and functionality for greater convenience. Also, synchronization occurs between different browser tabs.

Access level for the manager — effective team management via mobile Checkiant

The mobile time tracking app helps the project managers to track each of the team members. This simplifies the task, because it's very difficult to do everything yourself. But the program will control the arrival and departure of employees, at what time a person started work, whether someone was late, how many hours were spent in general for a day or a week to solve the task.

All this will be available in the manager format if you open the appropriate access level.

The manager will see all employees online and what projects they are engaged in.

This mode is suitable for both remote teams and teams working in the office.

Using a mobile application is an opportunity for a project manager to monitor employees from any place where there is a WI-FI connection.

Reports on the mobile version

Building reports is an important function in running any business. Otherwise, how can you sum up the results of the work done to analyze them! Creating flexible reports is one of the advantages of the Checkiant application. This feature provides the following:

  • you can choose a specific period for building reports;
  • analyze the work of an individual employee or team;
  • you can get data in the report on the work on a specific project of the entire team or on a specific type of work on all projects.

To build a report, you need to set the following parameters: period, client (project), type of work. If one of the team members worked with several rates at once for a specific period, the information in the block will be reflected for each of them. The user can use the function of arranging data by weeks, days, months, etc.

Accounting of working hours on a mobile application and creating reports are two functions that allow you to understand how effectively employees work, how quickly they completed the task assigned to them, whether the concept was correctly formulated and a strategy was developed for completing the project.

Tarifаs and features of the smartphone app Checkiant

Before you start using the application, it's better to install the most profitable and suitable for the working conditions package. There are paid and free versions. Each has its own range of features, functions and tools. To make a choice, you can compare different packages:

1. "Individual plan. One user". This is a free version. The user will have the following opportunities: working time tracking, project management, editing their checkins, generating reports on their work by month, day, week, etc. User can start using the offered options immediately.

2. "Premium". This is a paid package of services. To make sure that this tariff is suitable for all parameters, you can use the free 30-day period and test the app. After buyin this package, the user will have access to a number of functions: editing their checkins, a mobile time tracking system, editing employees' checkins, tracking time of work and earnings taking into account days off, holidays, managing staff salaries and projects, generating reports on wages and money both their own and other employees.

3. "Enterprise". It is also a paid package, with which the user has an expanded list of options, namely: viewing checked employees, changing their own and employees' checkins, tracking wages, managing their own and subordinates' rates, changing the lists of employees of their subordinates. A function for managing user groups is also added. It is also convenient to form accounting documentation on finances and hours. You can use the trial versio for 1 month.

If the work productivity increases during the trial period, as well as the motivation of employees, you can but the package you like for a long time.


The implementation of a simple app Checkiant for trecking time and wages on the phone will help managers to organize effective work activities in the office or in a team of remote employees, as well as freelancers to adhere to their work schedule and improve their self-discipline. The program allows employees to change their work in the office to remote work, because the boss will still be able to control the performance of their assigned tasks.

It will be convenient for a freelancer to work on a free mode. If this is a team of remote subordinates or an office team, then it is better for the manager to purchase additional sets of tools in the Premium or Enterprise packages.

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