Checkiant - web-version 1.3 [beta] - BETWEEN-PERIOD REPORTING

Checkiant - web-версия 1.3 [beta] -  отчеты на границе периодов


This week there was a very small update, because I was involved in somewhat unpleasant processes related to another project that we do under public tender, but now we have a bigger and more interesting update to release in a week!

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Web-версия Checkiant 1.2 [beta] - лендинг, мультиязычность и т.д

I've decided to do weekly updates. Taste version 1.2, hot from the pot! Front-end design of the site is added (this includes landing page and other front-end pages support), beautiful sliders, multilanguage support and much more!

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Who is responsible for happiness at work?

Everyone dreams of finding a job that will bring not only money but also happiness. In the concept of "happiness at work" everyone puts his own meaning.

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The most productive hours for the brain working

Depending on the time of day our body is oriented for different goals. It must take care of meal, productive work and good rest. In this regard, many people have a more or less constant daily regime, which helps them to be active and effective throughout the day.

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Checkiant - a friend or enemy to office workers?

Checkiant is not an ordinary time tracker. It helps easily track your own performance, count the length of the working day, analyze the time spent on a particular project, monitor earnings, and get visual reports.

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