How can a work team use the time-tracker Checkiant? 6 simple examples

examples of ussing the time-tracker

A time-tracker can only calculate the time worked and create a weekly, monthly or annual report. Or not? We found 6 examples of using time-tracker Checkiant to improve the work of a team or a whole company company:

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Checkiant - Web-version 1.9 [BETA] - A Little Comfort

Checkiant - Web-версия 1.9 [BETA] - Немного удобств

The list with updated:

  • The separation of access to the management of the rates for 1) your own rate view in the timer/report и 2) rate management, including your own
  • User menu is moved to the left.
  • An eye has been added to the profile rate.
  • An eye has been added to hide a rate on users page
  • The display order on the report page has been changed: now the total is displayed first, and below - the details. It used to be the opposite.
  • The display of control buttons on the report page and on the page with all check-ins was improved.


Checkiant - Web-version 1.8 [BETA] - Hourly rate system is READY

Checkiant - Web-версия 1.8 [BETA] - Система почасовых рейтов ГОТОВА


We had a pause in work and, unfortunately, we are forced to slow down the development process.

Yesterday we completed the hourly / monthly rates, and also corrected the reports using both types of rates. Why is Checkiant cool? 

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Happy Holidays!

Another year comes to an end. This year has brought us events and emotions that we will warmly remember with gratitude. However, much more lies ahead!

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Checkiant - Web-версия 1.6 [BETA] - небольшие, но важные улучшения

Work on the project this week is not very prominent, but still it has advanced a little.

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